A Peek

Here’s a peek at what I’m currently working on.

Hagrid's Scarf

Years ago I was rereading The Goblet of Fire and working at a JoAnn Fabrics that was in the process of liquidation. I was admiring the beautiful Mary GrandPre illustrations at the beginning of each chapter, when it occurred to me that they would make a great embroidery project. I stocked up on all of the super-sale embroidery floss that I could get my hands on, and then my motivation fizzled out. About a week ago, motivated by my recent rereading of the entire series, I started scanning the tiny illustrations, enlarging them and playing around in Photoshop until I had something a bit more embroidery pattern like.  I plan on doing all of the chapter illustrations for all 7 books. I’m working on the first 4 chapters of the first book right now. The Boy Who Lived and The Keeper of the Keys should be finished shortly. I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do with all of these once I’m done, but there is plenty of time before that decision will need to be made.

Does anybody have any ideas for what I should do with a million little embroidered Harry Potter illustrations?


One response to “A Peek

  1. you could put them all together in the world’s most amazing quilt!

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