Potter Vinyl Toys

Awhile ago I picked up a few Rose Art color blanks from Target. I was stupid excited, because I love custom vinyl art toys, but they tend to be a bit outside of our budget.

At the time that I bought these, my husband and I were a bit obsessed with Lego Harry Potter years 1-4. I decided that Lego Harry was the perfect model for someone like me who has very little artistic talent.

Here’s how he turned out:

Harry Potter Vinyl
He’s no masterpiece, but I think he looks pretty good. I’m thinking I may go over his pants and glasses again with a better black sharpie. They’re looking a little purplish.

And now for some other great Potter inspired custom vinyl toys

This one is my favorite. I LOVE the glasses and the broomstick . It was made my RayChelly over on the Kidrobot discussion boards. See more images of this guy here.

harry potter munny

This green eyed cutie was made by jerimaiah702 on Flickr. Again, love the glasses and those big green eyes.

Scarecrowartist of devianart made this one as a 16th birthday present for a friend.

Stephy-sama of Deviantart made this guy using acrylic paint, doll hair, doll glasses (squee!) and a broken paintbrush for a wand. I might have to steal that wand idea for mine.
Draco Malfoy munny doll

This Draco Malfoy was created by danieljoseph_ on flickr, another birthday present for a friend. These people have lucky friends!

All of the above toys were made using Munnys. This next set is made using Disney’s Vinylmation blanks, recognizable by their signature Mickey Ears.

Harry, Dumbledore, Snape and Voldemort. Made by Gorilla Inc over on Vinylnation.net

Which one is your favorite? Have you made any Harry Potter inspired custom toys? Leave a comment or send me and email at craftycauldron@gmail.com


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