Potter Ponies

I’ve got more custom toys for you today! This time they are of the My Little Pony variety. Did you know that My Little Pony customization is a thing? I did, but I didn’t know that I would find so many great Potter inspired ponies when I first set out looking for them.

First up, we have Buckbeak the Hippogriff

This beautifully sculpted pony was created by AnimeAmy of Deviantart. The claws, those wings, that beak … This was my absolute favorite of the pieces that I found.

Speaking of beautifully sculpted magical creatures, check out this (slightly terrifying, but in a good way) thestral by Diviantart’s Woosie

This next one is an amazingly creative interpretation that I never would have thought of, but it works really well. As the creator Wyfl says, “Every REAL Harry Potter fan who Also loves Ponies Knows that the Snitch is Really a Pony curled up onto a little ball!!”

And going along with the theme of Quidditch, let’s not forget My Little Firebolt by ZiroFax.

I love, love, love the wood grain texture and his little broom brush butt and mane.

Do you feel that familiar chill creeping up on you? Have no fear, Patronus Pony will protect you. This pony features Harry, Ron and Hermione’s patronuses, and for added detail it’s hair glows in the dark to keep dementors at bay. Created by jupiternwndrlnd.

And finally, to round this post out, we have none other than the boy who lived – in pony form. Head over to aikarin.com to see more photos of this little guy.

So, who’s excited for Pottermore? Only seven more hours until the announcement goes up on youtube. I might just sit here and stare at those creepy owls until Miss Rowling pops up. That’s not extreme, right?


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