Harry Potter Needlecraft Trunk and Clue Trunk

I’ve been on a craft supply organizing trip lately, and this next project is giving me Harry-Potter-Crafty-Organization-Envy (don’t laugh, it’s a serious condition).

Woozelmom created this needle craft supply storage trunk with a pretty specific concept in mind:

In my head I started getting an idea that what if Molly Weasley (my hero) went to straighten up the twins bedroom after they had left for fame and fortune in Diagon Alley with their own shop and she found a trunk the boys had left behind with some of their odds and ends. Being the thrifty woman that she is she decided to repurpose things for her hobby of knitting and by doing so, still allowing her to feel close to her fledgling sons. With that thought in mind I started planing my trunk.

The finished product is so expertly executed that I can easily picture it tucked away somewhere special in The Burrow,  just waiting for Mrs. Weasley to get a spare second to sneak in a few stitches.

All of that fictional product packaging is making me swoon, and each package contains a different craft supply. Woozelmom has the details of her trunk broken up into a few posts. Click the links to find out what each package conceals:

Chocolate Frog Box and Bombastic Bomb
Weasley’s Wonderous Wands and Howler
Weasley’s Aviat-mobile and Wildfire Wiz-bangs
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and Boxing Telescope
Marauders’ Map 
Needle Trays
Flirting Fancies and Horcrux Stitch Markers

Woozlemom also created a custom trunk and a few extra supplies for her Harry Potter Clue board game. Check out her post to see what’s inside.


4 responses to “Harry Potter Needlecraft Trunk and Clue Trunk

  1. That is absolutely amazing!

  2. That is awesome would love one of these!!

  3. Can I buy this off of you? 😮 xD

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