Totally Awesome Patchwork Potter Purse

I like it when I look at a handmade item and I can actually feel the love that went into it’s creation. This Teesha Moore inspired bag by QuirkieCraft is one of those items. Seriously, in my head I’ve been referring to this bag as “The Pottergasm”. Check out QuirkieCraft’s post for images of the other side (which is equally awesome) and some detail shots. “This button is a portkey”  is probably my favorite:


6 responses to “Totally Awesome Patchwork Potter Purse

  1. Amazing! I feel like I have won the coolest prize, having found your site!

  2. absolutely stunning 😀

  3. Michelle Holodnak

    Inquiring about the purse. How much? How big? Can it come bigger?

  4. That. Is. Awesome. One day I’ll have a quilt like this xD But it needs to be in colours that go with my room… 😛 (er… pink?)

  5. Do you sell the bags by any chance?

  6. My mouth just dropped open in awe. Potterheads unite!

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