Harry Potter and Friends Cloth Dolls

Craftster user craftewoman has been creating these incredibly detailed and realistic cloth dolls. I’m a big fan of all the little handmade accessories, especially Hagrid’s pink umbrella. Follow the links to see posts on Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Ron and two different versions of Dobby (1 and 2).

Harry and Hermione are available for sale here.



3 responses to “Harry Potter and Friends Cloth Dolls

  1. OMG….

    Also, what are cloth dolls?

  2. Just found you after doing a Google search. Thanks for the write up!
    -Paulette a.k.a. Craftewoman
    You can follow the progress of other dolls in the works at my blog

  3. I want to make a Dobby for my boyfriend’s 21 birthday. Yours is the best replica I’ve found!! Do you have a pattern of instructions a fellow DIY crafter could try her hands at?! Thanks!!! And awesome job!!!!

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