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3 snitches! This Quidditch match will never end …

Potter fan and style blogger Salazar of 14 Shades of Grey has instructions for how to make 3 different variations of a snitch necklace. A snitch necklace is such a subtle and stylish way to let your nerd flag fly. These would make a nice quick and easy present for the Potter lovers in your life as well. You should also check out her handmade Potter inspired sweater.


Harry Potter and Friends Cloth Dolls

Craftster user craftewoman has been creating these incredibly detailed and realistic cloth dolls. I’m a big fan of all the little handmade accessories, especially Hagrid’s pink umbrella. Follow the links to see posts on Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Ron and two different versions of Dobby (1 and 2).

Harry and Hermione are available for sale here.


Harry Potter Mini Art Quilt

Harry Potter and the Flying Ford Anglia and the Whomping Willow

I love this mini art quilt made by flickr user FlossieBlossom. From the faux bois fabric that she used to make the whomping willow, to the perfectly executed flying Ford Anglia , to the little puffs of smoke coming from it’s exhaust – this quilt is just such a wonderful representation of this particular scene from the book. Also, those embroidered headlight beams – LOVE!

Dobby Amigurumi

Dobby the House Elf

Amigurumi is one of those things that I was never really able to master, so I’m always a little bit in awe when I see it done well. When I saw this little guy I was not only in awe of the mad crochet skills, but I think I actually let out and audible “Awwwww” as well. LucyRavenscar created this Dobby doll for her son who was pretty torn up over the death of everybody’s favorite house elf. Now he has his own cuddly Dobby to comfort him.

Totally Awesome Patchwork Potter Purse

I like it when I look at a handmade item and I can actually feel the love that went into it’s creation. This Teesha Moore inspired bag by QuirkieCraft is one of those items. Seriously, in my head I’ve been referring to this bag as “The Pottergasm”. Check out QuirkieCraft’s post for images of the other side (which is equally awesome) and some detail shots. “This button is a portkey”  is probably my favorite:

Sock Monkey Potter

Sock Monkey! Flickr user cuddlemonkey101 makes all sorts of creative, awesome and nerdy sock monkeys. Can you guess which one appealed to me?

Okay, quite a few of them appealed to me actually, but this is a Harry Potter craft blog after all…

I love the details, right down to the school uniform hiding under his cloak. Check out some of cuddlemonkey101’s other creations over here or if your in the market for a handmade monkey head over to her etsy shop.

The Trio – Feltified

Weird week last week. I literally lost an entire day. I slept for 24 consecutive hours (after being awake for the same amount of time), and that kind of threw off every other part of my life. But I’m back and my to-post file is bursting with Potter-y goodness.

Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger felties

These little felties were made by flickr user redmermaidwereworlf(!) and they measure approx. 3 3/4 inches high. She did a great job working all of the important details into such tiny dolls. Just thinking about making stitches that small gives me a headache. Individual shots of these dolls plus some of her other creations can be seen in her Mini Stuffies and Felties flickr set.

The Keeper of the Keys

Finished … I think. I’m not sure. If feels a little off balance, but I’m going to let it sit for a while. Also, he doesn’t appear to have a nose,whoops. I’ll fix that too.

Keeper of the keys

Hagrid’s flowery pink umbrella

keeper of the keys - pink umbrella

My favorite part (the scarf) and my least favorite part (the owl’s face) together in one picture.

keeper of the keys scarf and owl

And a little boot detail. The other boot actually turned out just a little bit nicer, but I forgot that when I was taking and editing the pictures. Whoops, again.

The Keeper of the Keys - boot detail

Once I get a few more of these completed, I plan on starting a gallery page so that they can all be viewed in one place. For now you can click The Project That Must Not Be Named tag to see my past posts for this project. Next up are The Vanishing Glass and The Letters from No One. I’ve already done the crayon tinting on The Vanishing Glass, but I’m not thrilled with the colors that I used, so I may scrap it and start over.

And that is it for my Monday update (one day late).



Harry Potter Needlecraft Trunk and Clue Trunk

I’ve been on a craft supply organizing trip lately, and this next project is giving me Harry-Potter-Crafty-Organization-Envy (don’t laugh, it’s a serious condition).

Woozelmom created this needle craft supply storage trunk with a pretty specific concept in mind:

In my head I started getting an idea that what if Molly Weasley (my hero) went to straighten up the twins bedroom after they had left for fame and fortune in Diagon Alley with their own shop and she found a trunk the boys had left behind with some of their odds and ends. Being the thrifty woman that she is she decided to repurpose things for her hobby of knitting and by doing so, still allowing her to feel close to her fledgling sons. With that thought in mind I started planing my trunk.

The finished product is so expertly executed that I can easily picture it tucked away somewhere special in The Burrow,  just waiting for Mrs. Weasley to get a spare second to sneak in a few stitches.

All of that fictional product packaging is making me swoon, and each package contains a different craft supply. Woozelmom has the details of her trunk broken up into a few posts. Click the links to find out what each package conceals: Continue reading

Make your own Time Turner

Okay, so you may not be able to actually turn time with this DIY time turner necklace, but you’ll probably turn a few heads.

Deviantart user FromWinterToSpring provides a tutorial for creating this lovely time turner out of a few keyrings and some beads.