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Harry Potter and Friends Cloth Dolls

Craftster user craftewoman has been creating these incredibly detailed and realistic cloth dolls. I’m a big fan of all the little handmade accessories, especially Hagrid’s pink umbrella. Follow the links to see posts on Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Ron and two different versions of Dobby (1 and 2).

Harry and Hermione are available for sale here.



Dobby Amigurumi

Dobby the House Elf

Amigurumi is one of those things that I was never really able to master, so I’m always a little bit in awe when I see it done well. When I saw this little guy I was not only in awe of the mad crochet skills, but I think I actually let out and audible “Awwwww” as well. LucyRavenscar created this Dobby doll for her son who was pretty torn up over the death of everybody’s favorite house elf. Now he has his own cuddly Dobby to comfort him.

Sock Monkey Potter

Sock Monkey! Flickr user cuddlemonkey101 makes all sorts of creative, awesome and nerdy sock monkeys. Can you guess which one appealed to me?

Okay, quite a few of them appealed to me actually, but this is a Harry Potter craft blog after all…

I love the details, right down to the school uniform hiding under his cloak. Check out some of cuddlemonkey101’s other creations over here or if your in the market for a handmade monkey head over to her etsy shop.

The Trio – Feltified

Weird week last week. I literally lost an entire day. I slept for 24 consecutive hours (after being awake for the same amount of time), and that kind of threw off every other part of my life. But I’m back and my to-post file is bursting with Potter-y goodness.

Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger felties

These little felties were made by flickr user redmermaidwereworlf(!) and they measure approx. 3 3/4 inches high. She did a great job working all of the important details into such tiny dolls. Just thinking about making stitches that small gives me a headache. Individual shots of these dolls plus some of her other creations can be seen in her Mini Stuffies and Felties flickr set.

Hello Potter

These are the things that make me smile after spending the entire morning cursing my internet connection. Hello Potter, decked out in Quidditch gear – the fact that this exists in the world helps me sleep just a little bit easier at night. Deviantart user Tora-sensei created this adorable little sculpted toy for his wife, after she came up with the Hello Potter idea. Here’s a link to her original drawing.

And just because I can:

found here


Potter Ponies

I’ve got more custom toys for you today! This time they are of the My Little Pony variety. Did you know that My Little Pony customization is a thing? I did, but I didn’t know that I would find so many great Potter inspired ponies when I first set out looking for them.

First up, we have Buckbeak the Hippogriff

This beautifully sculpted pony was created by AnimeAmy of Deviantart. The claws, those wings, that beak … This was my absolute favorite of the pieces that I found.

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Potter Vinyl Toys

Awhile ago I picked up a few Rose Art color blanks from Target. I was stupid excited, because I love custom vinyl art toys, but they tend to be a bit outside of our budget.

At the time that I bought these, my husband and I were a bit obsessed with Lego Harry Potter years 1-4. I decided that Lego Harry was the perfect model for someone like me who has very little artistic talent.

Here’s how he turned out:

Harry Potter Vinyl
He’s no masterpiece, but I think he looks pretty good. I’m thinking I may go over his pants and glasses again with a better black sharpie. They’re looking a little purplish.

And now for some other great Potter inspired custom vinyl toys

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