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Potter Ponies

I’ve got more custom toys for you today! This time they are of the My Little Pony variety. Did you know that My Little Pony customization is a thing? I did, but I didn’t know that I would find so many great Potter inspired ponies when I first set out looking for them.

First up, we have Buckbeak the Hippogriff

This beautifully sculpted pony was created by AnimeAmy of Deviantart. The claws, those wings, that beak … This was my absolute favorite of the pieces that I found.

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Potter Vinyl Toys

Awhile ago I picked up a few Rose Art color blanks from Target. I was stupid excited, because I love custom vinyl art toys, but they tend to be a bit outside of our budget.

At the time that I bought these, my husband and I were a bit obsessed with Lego Harry Potter years 1-4. I decided that Lego Harry was the perfect model for someone like me who has very little artistic talent.

Here’s how he turned out:

Harry Potter Vinyl
He’s no masterpiece, but I think he looks pretty good. I’m thinking I may go over his pants and glasses again with a better black sharpie. They’re looking a little purplish.

And now for some other great Potter inspired custom vinyl toys

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